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Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company. Starship was founded in 2008 and is a subsidiary of Kakao Entertainment. Its products include television series, movies, and video games. Its films include King Kong, Cravity, P101S2, and Jeong Sewoon. This article outlines the most notable films of the company. This article will also discuss the importance of starship’s content strategy. You can read more about these films by following the links below.

King Kong

When you are thinking about visiting a theme park, you may be wondering what King Kong on Starship is all about. King Kong by Starship was formerly known as King Kong Entertainment. It was founded in 2009.

Known for its impressive list of Korean and foreign stars, the entertainment company has announced that it has formed a business partnership with King Kong Entertainment. It is the best entertainment agency and is a subsidiary of LOEN Entertainment. During this period, the two companies will work together to promote the film throughout Asia. However, the deal will not impact the independent management practices of the stars. The new partnership will enable both agencies to better market their respective products and services in the region.


Cravity is the first boy group under Starship Entertainment since Monsta X. They debuted with an EP titled Season 1 in 2020. It became one of the best-selling rookie groups in South Korea and earned them the New Artist Award at the 2020 Soribada Awards. Their first single is called “Center of Gravity,” and they’ve been busy promoting it. Their members include Allen, Hyeongjun, Minhee, and Taeyoung. Hyeongjun previously participated in Produce X 101.

The fans are demanding an official statement from the company about the alleged fan list manipulation. This is the first official response from the company, so far, but fans are still clamouring for answers. The company has yet to issue an official statement, so it remains to be seen whether or not this new craze is widespread. Until then, let’s wait and see. After all, fans are waiting for the next new member!

Jeong Sewoon

If you’ve been following Jeong Se-woon, you know that he recently signed with the South Korean label Starship Entertainment. His latest project is “Crying,” a song he wrote about his mother. The talented singer has become one of South Korea’s biggest stars in recent years. Starship Entertainment, the parent company of Jeong Se-woon, aims to help young South Korean artists find success.

Jeong Sewoon’s debut came in 2013 when he participated in K-pop Star 3. He later joined Starship Entertainment and released his debut album, “Ever.” The song features a variety of original songs by the singer, including one featuring a rap track. In addition, he also collaborated with the band Gwanghyun and the rapper Brother Su on this album. Jeong Sewoon also appeared on Kpop Star 3 and Produce 101 Season 2 as a member of the project group YDPP. He has also performed on the OSTs of some of South Korea’s most popular dramas, including “Dancing Queen” and “Baby”, as well as in the film’s title track.


If you are interested in a boy group, you should keep reading! Starship Entertainment is a record label and management company in South Korea. Its trainees are making quite a name for themselves. Before the boy group’s debut, they will be known as “Starshipz.”

GOT7’s BamBam

It is widely believed that GOT7’s BamBam has been in touch with James Reid. The actor was recently spotted in South Korea and his presence at famous entertainment agencies sparked speculations about upcoming collaborations. In May, he performed an unreleased song at the Grammys Press Play series. In March, he released a reworked version of his 2021 hit single ‘Hello’. The track also features GOT7’s Jay B and Taiwanese American rapper OZI.

In the meantime, he has been doing well as a solo artist. His song, “Who Are You,” reached No. 1 in thirteen countries. However, he also confirmed that Mark and Jackson were in South Korea. He further denied that GOT7 would make a comeback. The news was reported by multiple sources. But it is unclear whether BamBam will be reuniting with his former bandmates.

Highline Entertainment

Founded in 2017, Highline is a South Korean hip-hop label under Starship Entertainment. Founded by Korean hip-hop producer, Kim Ji-soo, the label is currently in its third year of operation. Its latest signings include MoonMoon, DJ Soda, Jang Seok-hoon, PLUMA, and many others. The label plans to expand into the international market in 2020.

After signing with the company, MX7 will focus on his solo career, promoting his brand as a producer and musician. Highline Entertainment at Starship Entertainment promises to support Wonho’s future endeavors as a solo artist and producer. The company said it will continue to support his solo career and will continue to work with him as a producer. As part of this deal, Highline will provide financial and creative support for Wonho.


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