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What is an Angel Shot?

If you’re wondering what is an Angel Shot, you’re not alone. Studies show that one in four women in the US has experienced sexual assault, and that nearly half of those incidents were linked to alcohol use. While these statistics are alarming, they do highlight an important problem: too many women feel unsafe in nightclubs and are reluctant to report them to law enforcement. Angel Shot programs give women peace of mind and a strong sense of safety.

While the term itself isn’t exactly clear, it’s easy to see how it’s used in bars and clubs. It is a code word for “I need help” that lets the bartenders know that there is a problem. In a bar, ordering an Angel Shot on the rocks (a shot of vodka and lime) is a signal for the bartender to get help. If the situation is severe enough, bartenders may choose to remove the offender from the party.

In a viral video, bartender Benji Spears shared the codes that indicate what kind of help the bartenders should provide for people in need. In a bar, the term was first used by women who wanted to report a situation that felt unsafe to them. This practice became popular in the UK after a woman was raped in a London nightclub. Since then, bartenders have taken up the practice.

Angel shots are becoming more common in bars and clubs, especially in areas where women are more vulnerable to sexual harassment. Unfortunately, these situations can arise in any type of bar. Although the term is generally associated with alcohol, women are much more likely to experience physical harassment in these venues. Therefore, it’s vital for bartenders to be aware of the terminology associated with this drink. And remember that an Angel Shot isn’t an actual drink, but a code to help your customers feel safe.

The bartenders can also protect women who feel threatened. If a woman is showing signs of uncomfortable body language, the bartender may take the action of ordering an angel shot. She can also give her cigarette and a note that her ride is waiting for her. By doing this, she can leave the bar and still feel safe. An angel shot is an effective way to ensure safety in a bar, but you’ll have to see the sign in order to know how to use it.

While many bars and nightclubs have adopted the Angel Shot as a new drink option, others have adopted the idea and have placed signs in their restrooms to make patrons aware of it. The concept has gone viral, and many people know they can ask for an Angel Shot if they feel unsafe. So, how do bartenders make the Angel Shot safer? It’s actually quite simple if you follow these guidelines.

The bartender is responsible for the angel shot. The angel shot is a cocktail made by mixing the ingredients in a glass with lime. The bartender should call police if the drink has been spiked, but not enough to render the customer unconscious. There are other rules to follow when preparing an angel shot, however. For instance, if the patron asks for an angel shot with lime, the bartender should call the police, and if they feel unsafe, they should ask for a taxi or other service.

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