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Gail Porter and the Houses of Parliament

Gail Porter and the Houses of Parliament

Gail Porter is a Scottish television presenter who gained notoriety in 1999 when she posed nude for FHM magazine. She has since gone on to become an advocate for mental health awareness, as well as being involved with various charities. In 2017, Gail was invited to give a speech at the Houses of Parliament about her experiences with depression and anxiety. This article will explore why Gail was chosen to speak at such an important event and what impact it had on those present.

Why Was Gail Invited?

Gail’s story resonates deeply with many people due to her openness about her struggles with mental illness. It is this honesty that made her stand out from other potential speakers and earned her the invitation to address members of parliament in London. Her courage in speaking openly about something so personal gave hope to others suffering similar issues, showing them that they are not alone in their fight against depression or anxiety disorders.

The Impact Of The Speech:

The impact of Gail’s speech was felt by everyone present; both MPs and audience members alike were moved by her words which highlighted how difficult living with a mental illness can be but also showed how recovery is possible if you reach out for help early enough. By sharing stories like hers, more people may feel comfortable seeking treatment before things get too bad – potentially saving lives in the process! Additionally, it put pressure on politicians to do more when it comes tackling stigma around mental health issues within society today – something which still needs much improvement even now two years later!


In conclusion, Gail Porter’s inspiring speech at the Houses of Parliament serves as reminder that no matter our circumstances we all have strength inside us waiting to be discovered – especially during times where life seems overwhelming or impossible . We should never forget just how powerful one person’s voice can be when used positively; whether they’re standing up for themselves or advocating on behalf of someone else- every effort counts towards making change happen!

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