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I Am Groot Movie Review

If you are a child of the ’80s, you may have seen the I Am Groot movie trailer. This lovable tree alien is one of the newest additions to Disney’s lineup of animated movies. Disney made a fortune on lovable characters from Star Wars, Marvel, and even Baby Yoda, better known as Grog. For most of his existence, he’s been a minor character in the Star Wars film The Mandalorian. The trailer promises five shorts of Groot.

Episode 1

If you’re looking for an exciting new adventure, I am Groot is the film for you. In this first installment of the series, you’ll be introduced to the world of this green alien. As you watch, you’ll meet Baby Groot, who discovers other plants in a spaceship. Through a happy accident, the baby grows to walk and soon learns that walking is the first step towards running.

Episode 2

The second movie in the I am Groot series continues with Baby Groot accidentally uncovering miniature blue aliens. Despite his best intentions, he does not realize the danger they are in. After a series of mishaps, he inevitably saves his friend. But the journey isn’t without its surprises. It’s not all about Groot, however. In this sequel, we’ll learn about the miniature blue aliens and Baby Groot’s journey to save them.

Episode 3

In I am Groot Episode 3, Baby Groot investigates a mysterious noise in a massive Ravager ship. Baby Groot is later attacked by an army of Ravagers. As a result, Baby Groot is left to fend for himself. Baby Groot must learn the meaning of friendship from the crew of the massive ship. Aside from protecting his new friend, Baby Groot also learns the importance of family.

Episode 4

In I am Groot Episode 4, the mutated ape grows epic leaves by taking a bath. In addition to growing his epic leaves, he also cuts his own hair and gets creative with styling. We have to hand it to Groot for his ingenuity. The film’s final act is sure to have you tearing up in excitement. To recap, the episode is filled with fun and adventure. It’s not all action, though; there are some sly jokes as well.

Episode 5

I am Groot, the titular character, has been making a splash on the big screen as of late, and this fifth installment is no exception. This film follows Groot on his quest to paint a family portrait. Rocket accidentally stumbles on Groot’s artistic endeavors, and the two begin a rivalry. Groot soon succeeds in standing up, but not before he’s messed up his painting. Throughout the film, Rocket and Groot interact with each other, and Groot even shares a cheese puff or two.

Episode 6

The first part of the film, titled “The Little Guy”, sees the toddler Groot building a tiny haven. While Groot is building the haven, he becomes irritated by a bird that has nested in his haven. Groot then ends up next to a rock and lifts it up, where he discovers a small civilization of Grunds. Groot decides to blow on the creatures, but they end up being armed and attack him.

Episode 7

“I Am Groot” premieres on August 10 on Disney+. It will feature all five episodes, including the upcoming installment. The film’s premise is that Groot, the green alien, grows up as a potted plant. It has been a popular character since the first film, and the series will continue to be a hit. In this new adventure, we’ll see Groot grow up, encounter a teeny blue alien, and discover he’s not that much of a natural painter.

Episode 8

The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe release is I Am Groot, a collection of five original short films featuring the tree. The series follows the adventures of Baby Groot, one of the most beloved characters of all time. In this episode, he attempts to paint a family portrait, but Rocket stumbles on his messy artistic endeavors. While Marvel Studios has labeled the series as part of the MCU, James Gunn believes that it takes place outside of it, taking place between the first and second films in the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Episode 9

I Am Groot is a Disney Plus exclusive. This spinoff series follows a lovable, warped tree that goes through his own growth cycle. It takes place after the tag scene in Guardians 2 and between the end of the film and the next one, which is called Guardians 3. The story is a romp through Groot’s earliest days and ends with a twist. The series will be available for streaming on the same day it premieres on Disney+.

Episode 10

In this new installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we get to see a different side of the character, Baby Groot. The film is set during Baby Groot’s formative years, and begins with a funny sequence in which he fast-forwards the Marvel Studios intro. He eventually grows out of his pot and starts sprouting baby leaves. Soon after, his mother’s robotic assistants take him away and replace him with a fake Bonsai tree. The two soon develop a rivalry, but eventually befriend each other.

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